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A native of the Metropolitan DC area, B.D.R. grew up loving music and loving to rhyme. He would later sharpen his lyrical gift by continuing to practice on his craft and also by performing in freestyle cyphers. Being apart of DC's culture was inevitable and it wasn't long before his skills allowed him the opportunity to rap with some of his favorite go-go bands: Backyard, Junkyard, and Rare Essence.


He loves to play on the acronyms of his stage name, depending on his mood they could mean anything. B.D.R. originally an abbreviation for Black da rippa, can also stand for Bar DR, Black du-rag, or Billion dollar rapper, just to name a few.

B.D.R.'s music career took off and he became a key member of the Oy Boyz music group formerly known as One Way Records and The Young Farmers. He has recorded songs with 1 half of Clipse, Juvenile, Paul Wall, Scarface, Memphis Bleek, Devin the Dude, and The Outlawz.

As of 2019, he has launched a new line V.O.S., and it's more than just clothes, it's a movement! After taking a federal vacation, the voice of the struggle is back to expand his brand, relate to his fans, and to pick up where he left off. Fashow!

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